Office Complexes Photography

Tips for Impressive Real Estate Photography

A little planning is essential before engaging in office complexes photography. The plan allows you to map out the house's layout and determine the best time for the shoot. Each room should have the most sunlight streaming through the windows when shooting.

The planning entails having a standard shot list for each property and knowing what to cover in each shoot. For example, you can list the number of shots in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and backyard to ensure you have a point of reference.

Lighting is an essential factor in commercial photography if you want professional photos. While photographers will bring in artificial lighting when taking interior photos, sometimes the artificial lights can throw a shadow that will need fixing. Hence, instead of using artificial light to take a shot, it is crucial to focus on using as much natural light as possible.

While lighting can depend on personal preference, a consensus in real estate photography is to turn off all lights to create a natural feel. Having interior lights during photography makes all sorts of shadows appearing on walls, floors, and furniture. These shadows are mostly distracting and will take away from the actual interior design elements.

Furthermore, Use a tripod when taking real estate photography to ensure you take steady photos. Tripods are especially crucial when taking the low light shots, such as poor lighting conditions, to put the camera into a suitable position. A tripod will help achieve good image sharpness and simplify the shooting process. It ensures that the camera is straight during shooting to avoid wonky photos. Most wonky pictures are distracting and will not create eye-catching interior photography.

Lastly, all real estate photography needs to undergo a raw edit that includes several corrections and adjustments. The edit should consist of vertical and shadow correction, white balance, brightness, and contrast correction. Editing is needed to achieve a professional look at the photographs when shooting could not be perfect.