Get Informed

What can I do with my photos?

Once the session is completed and payment is made you own the rights to the photos. Use them for your advertisements, business cards, or television. The only thing we ask is that you share our name if asked.

I have a bulk order?

Bulk orders are more then welcome. We currently offer bulk order discounts. These are based off of how many orders are placed in the same area, for example Apartments, Condos, and or Track homes. They must be the same site. Contact us for Details

Why Does Interior Designer cost more?

Photos a videos cost more due to the fact we have to return. We shoot a before and after session and map out the angles to get the best before and after for your portfolio.

What is Full Frame

Full Frame is an all inclusive service that allows you to schedule order photos and book Focus for your next shoot and allows for rebooking.

It also allows me to send an invoice and deliver photos


Why does Full Frame ask so many questions?

Full frame not only schedules and allows us to perform contactless payment, we also pay to have the service that creates flyers for our clients. This places the information on to your flyer to follow all regulations.

My Aerial Photos were canceled, why?

The FAA has regulations on some locations not allowing any take off of drones. You should receive an email regarding reimbursement.

For more information visit the link bellow 


Can I have my RAW photos?

Unfortunately we do not release the un edited versions of photos.

I need my photos a different size?

Feel free to contact us at any of our services. (Email, Phone, or Instagram) Allow us 24 hours to resize your images.