Focus Property Photography Welcomes You


About Us

Focus Property Photography is a San Diego local Real Estate and Property Photography company. We specialize in Exterior and Interior Real Estate photography. Aerial Photography of Real Estate and or property. 

Look forward to working with all of you...


What we offer?

Quick and Fast Turn Around

All photos  will be available in under 24 hours from the shoot time. We try to post a minimum by 11 am the following business da . Video will have first draft available within 36 Hours and follow up drafts within the day.

These times are based off business days, though weekend edits do occur and photos may be delivered early.

Quick Service

We know being a Real Estate Agent is a busy job and you want things done within a reasonable time. We offer all our services to be quick efficient. Meaning we try to limit time per shoot. We do this by being quick, efficient, and knowledgeable.


If you aren't satisfied we can return them for edit and re-shoots if needed. You'll have constant access to your photographer for calls and text messaging for revisions and corrections.

Industry Standard

All our photographers are specifically trained to perform to the standard of the industry. All our photos are to be made available for any website and any standard. We cover every house just the way you want. This includes re arrangement of the home for the best shots.

Standardized Pricing

With our standardized pricing you wont have to guess how much you'll pay or the outcome. Our pricing is based off of total of photos delivered.

California Sales Tax Applies 

Release of photos

Once the photos have been delivered and payment is cleared the photos are free to use. Wanna use them for a advertisement? No Charge. Upload to Instagram? Free. Billboard in Downtown San Diego? Absolutely free.

Though we do retain some creative liberties with the photos, we will always try not to use them for advertising until you have sold the home, and we will never give personal details of buyers out.